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Triennial 2024

North American Baptist Triennial 2024

July 11-14, 2024


St. Paul, Minnesota

Since the mid 1850s, the NAB has been coming together every three years to celebrate who God is and what God has done and is doing. In these days together, we want to consider again the mission God is on in us and in our world.

The 2024 Triennial Conference takes place July 11–14, 2024, in St. Paul, Minnesota. This year’s theme is “Becoming a People of Peace.”

NAB churches consist of people from many different walks of life and backgrounds. We are brought together by the peace of God found in Jesus. Our shared life in Jesus is a journey where we live in and through that peace. Biblically, peace is not just the absence of conflict or disagreement, or a calmness and quiet. Peace as described by God’s Word is finding our wholeness, fulfillment, and purpose in life through our relationship to God in Jesus. In a submitted relationship to God in Jesus, we are transformed into a people of peace, and at the same time, we are on the journey of being formed by God into becoming a people of God’s peace. This peace will then be increasingly evident as we live in relationship to others in our communities of faith.

At the 2024 Triennial, we will consider what it means to be peacemakers and peacekeepers as we walk with fellow believers in Jesus Christ. Becoming a people of peace also impacts our relationships to the world we live in. Our world desperately needs to know the peace of God in Jesus. This is part of the mission Jesus gave his disciples. At Triennial, we will explore more fully what it means to become a people of God’s peace in Jesus as we join God in what he is doing in the lives of others all around us.

The 2024 Triennial will be a time of worship and celebration, of hearing God’s truth from God’s Word, and of hearing stories of how God is using the NAB to bring his peace in Jesus.

Won’t you join us?

Dr. Harry Kelm

Executive Director of the North American Baptist Conference