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Here you will find a list of either SoCal Network events like: church gatherings, retreats, etc. As well as all North American Baptist events that our congregations usually participate in.

  • Men’s Retreat

    Oct 4-6, 2024

    @ Pine Valley

    Pine Valley Men’s Conference is designed to allow men to step out of their current context, encounter Biblical teaching, and interact with other men on the same journey. We provide space for church groups to gather and process as a small group as well as a number of activities for men coming on their own. Please Contact Vonie @ 619-473-9933 or email her.

  • Triennial 2024

    July 11-14, 2024

    @ St. Paul, Minnesota

    The 2024 Triennial Conference takes place July 11–14, 2024, in St. Paul, Minnesota. This year's theme is “Becoming a People of Peace.”

  • Indio Pastor’s Retreat

    August 12-14, 2024

    @ World Mark, Indio

    SoCal Network Pastors and Staff come and Refresh themselves. This retreat is known for our great time in the lazy river every night, helpful conversations and fellowship over great eats.